A Weekend in the Capital

I see you Hanoi ❤

After our trip to Ha Long Bay, we headed back to Hanoi, to spend our weekend exploring the capital. After a terrible experience in our first hostel, we got a recommendation and arrived at our new hostel on Friday night.

I’m pretty sure I fell in love with the city in a solid ten minutes. The old architecture blends with the youthful bustle of a modern city to create totally unique place. There are bars and restaurants and more bars scattered everywhere. Vietnamese brands I am now familiar with mix with western brands I haven’t seen in months and family run establishments.

The city is noisy and hectic, but not in the urgent way that put me off Ho Chi Minh City. There seems to be one hundred things to do, and I wanted to do them all.

Tourist-wise, there aren’t a huge number of attractions, but the city itself is enough to keep you occupied, especially the old quarter and the turtle-lake – conveniently near our hostel.

We did however spend a fascinating few hours at The Women’s Museum, learning all about Vietnam’s history and culture through its relation to its females. It was refreshing to finally see the feminist side of Vietnam – I knew it was hiding there somewhere, but difficult to find out that almost half of married women in Vietnam will experience domestic violence at some point.

We also visited the presidential palace, where Uncle Ho, Ho Chi Minh, was based during the wars. We had intended to visit his mausoleum, however it was closed to the public when we got there.

Another thing we had to try during our visit was a famous Egg Coffee, a drink made using egg yolks, condensed milk and sugar – all whipped up on top of coffee.

I must say… I wasn’t a fan.

As much of a gem as Hanoi is during the day, it really begins to shine at night. There are bars and nightclubs buzzing everywhere and we spent a great evening sitting on very small stools on ‘Beer Street’ with glasses of Bia Hoi for just 5,000 VND (That’s 15p!)


In just a few days Hanoi’s tiny streets and terrible traffic found its way into my heart which means I have no choice but to return.

See you soon Hanoi!

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