Feeling 22

While most of you were cracking open your Easter eggs this weekend, I was turning 22 and this was my first ever birthday outside the UK.

Me this weekend…

Unlike my first non-British Christmas, this time I was not celebrating alone, as I was lucky enough to have a lovely group of friends to help me welcome in my 23rd year of life.

I spent my Saturday cooking up some of my favourite food – Mexican fajitas and nachos, something relatively hard to come by in Vietnam, and I’d definitely been craving, and ate dinner with some great friends from all over the world.


Candle in a beer bottle of course

We then went out to party the night away – welcoming in 22 with A LOT of dancing and cocktails Golden Pine never disappoints. It was a really fun night, and I even ended up with a flashing tiara! (Thanks Chloe)


Princess for the night of course

The next day was much more low-key, a day of relaxing and pampering. After brunch, I went with the girls to get a full body massage – the perfect amount of spoiling and relaxation for a birthday girl fighting a hangover (I won! Thank you to the birthday gods)

We picked up some ice-cream and headed home to watch my favourite show (The US Office – obviously) at which point I had a full on sugar-crash and napped for hours.

It was a wonderful day, and I felt surrounded by love. I got to speak to all of my family throughout the day, and I even got an awesome cake at work the next day. It may not have been the most Vietnamese of celebrations, but it definitely wasn’t that British either, and it made me feel very lucky to have found the friends I have out here.


And as a bonus birthday gift, the clocks went forward in the UK, which means my friends and family are one hour closer to me!

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