Driving in Vietnam

Driving in Vietnam is… interesting. Maybe challenging is a better word. Difficult? Or maybe I should skip all of that and just say downright scary?

I tell you what, there is one way to describe driving here that you’ll understand and is scarily accurate. Two words.

Mario. Kart.

Navigating the roads here is less like the driving we all learnt in a dual-controlled car and more like the driving we learnt from a two player Nintendo game.


The parallels are scary. I wouldn’t even discount the idea of actually having to avoid banana peel. It probably fell off one of the loaded up bikes.

All the weaving and dodging seems like it would be far more appropriate on Rainbow road than on actual real roads.

You can call me yoshi…

Even lining up at the traffic lights is reminiscent of the starting line. You better be watching those lights and revving up BEFORE the green or you’ll be sorry.

And maybe that’s what makes it so much fun. Expecting the unexpected. At any moment there could be a surprise obstacle that you’ll have to didge. A car on the wrong side of the road, a group of school children, a food kart, some cows, you know, standard.


So here’s the question, we have a chicken and egg situation. Have the Vietnamese taken inspiration from the game for their driving style or did the game designers long ago visit Ho Chi Minh City and think “This would be a great game for our little Italian plumber”?

Either way, when I get back, I’m pretty sure I’m going to kick ass at Mario Kart contests. Actual driving may be another issue…

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