The Magnificent Marble Mountains

As my alarm sounded at 6am on Sunday the thought ‘this better be worth it crossed my mind’

Anyone who knows me knows that an ‘early morning hike’ has multiple components I usually avoid at all costs, but I’d researched the Marble Mountains online and all the advice said to go early, so I sucked it up and hauled myself out of bed. Plus I got the bonus of the morning sun on the sea as I drove along the beach.


Man was I glad I followed that advice. Even in the early morning the heat was scorching and the sweat was dripping.

I arrived and paid the relatively cheap entrance price (30,000VND) and an elevator ticket (15,000VND) to get to the temple. Other guests have complained about the ugliness of the elevator, but to be honest it’s not so bad, and it provides easy access to those who otherwise wouldn’t be able to appreciate the stunning views. I thought about climbing, and not taking the elevator, but I thought I would save myself for the climb further up, and the sun was already getting high in the sky.

It was so peaceful as I was one of the only people there, just a few couples and the restaurants setting up.


To get to the top the trail started with stone steps, and then into a cave. Reaching the back of the cave I had to climb through a small hole using a pile of rocks. It was a lot less worn and more difficult than I had expected – I assume most tourists don’t make the journey all the way to the top.

The whole way up was a combination of dirt track and marble, which was a little slippery underfoot. Good thing I had my trusty Doc Martens on.


The walk was heavy going, but I’ve always liked climbing and clambering over things, and I’ve never minded getting dirty, so despite the heat and the mud I enjoyed it, and the view from the top was truly incredible.

DSCI0043 DSCI0037

I took a different path back down, which was easier and quicker (but not as fun) and explored the temples and caves. This gave me an opportunity to cool down and watch the beautiful beams of light falling in the dark caves.


I only ended up exploring one of the mountains out of the five that make up the Marble Mountains, but there was still plenty to see, and it just gives me an excuse to go again!

And in answer to my first question – yes, it was totally worth the 6am start.

Hẹn gặp lại!

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